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Climate systems and Big Stuff: efficiency in a Big Space

Controlling the climate in a Big space for Big Stuff is a tricky deal. Firstly humans, objects and machines don’t always agree on their fave climate. And secondly you may have an aircon system that has acquired … quirks.

Nicola Grahamslaw spoke at last year’s Big Stuff conference about all the fun she’s had getting the parties in the SS Great Britain’s air handling systems talking nicely to each other, and the Big benefits of everyone learning to get along. So Nicola will start us off talking about the things that can go wrong AND right in a Big system, and then as usual we will open the floor for your experiences….

Join us online at 13:00 UK time on Monday 24th April for a Big discussion of energy efficiency, saving money and keeping things comfortable.

Time: Monday 24 April, 13:00 UK time

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