Industrial Heritage is an international movement which deals with the monuments of the industrial age and, in a broader perspective, with the remains of work and technology.

The German term „Industriekultur“ is the aequivalent of „Industrial heritage“. The practice of „Industrial Archaeology“ is called „Industriedenkmalpflege“, its single objects are „Industriedenkmale“ or „Technische Denkmale“ (industrial / technical monuments).

We are proud that many of our international colleagues and friends regard the „Industriekultur“ magazine the best popular periodical in the field worldwide. Whereas many scientific journals are published in English or at least with English abstracts, we at the moment think this does not make sense in our case, apart from the material difficulties it would create.

But this page is dedicated to help like-minded english-speaking people from all over the world to get an insight into the world of „German Industriekultur“.


Our Scientific Communities:

TICCIH Germany

ICOMOS Germany

Georg-Agricola-Gesellschaft GAG

Do not hesitate to contact them in English!


Information on German Industrial Heritage in English is also provided by:

European Route of Industrial Heritage ERIH (also in French and Dutch)