Zur Rettung des Bennerley-Viadukts

Im Jahre 2020 machte der World Monuments Fund WMF auf die Gefährdung des Bennerley-Viadukts aufmerksam.  Am 22.  April 2021 wurden in einer auf Youtube abrufbaren Online-Veranstaltung die Möglichkeiten der Sanierung und Umnutzung diskutiert:

Bennerley Viaduct: Building Community Well-being Through Restoration

(1086) Bennerley Viaduct: Building Community Well-being Through Restoration – YouTube

A virtual discussion on the plan to restore Bennerley Viaduct, United Kingdom, a 2020 World Monuments Watch site, and the movement to transform disused railway routes into trails for walking and cycling, putting heritage at the heart of health and well-being.

Held April 22, 2021 with WMF Britain Executive Director John Darlington, Kieran Lee, Community Engagement Officer from the Friends of Bennerley Viaduct, Rebecca Chan, Executive Director, Friends of the Rail Park, Philadelphia, and Tim Dunn, railway architecture historian, author, and broadcaster/TV presenter.

Friends of Bennerley Viaduct The Friends of Bennerley Viaduct – Dedicated to restoring, conserving and celebrating Bennerley Viaduct

WMF-Site Bennerley Viaduct | World Monuments Fund (wmf.org)