Lissabon: DOCOMOMO International launched the docomomo virtual exhibition (MoMove)

Die Freunde der Klassischen Moderne haben eine umfangreiche Datenbank ins Netz gestellt. Sowohl für die Industriekultur als auch die Geschichte der Bautechnik und der Baustoffe ist die Zusammenstellung – die sicherlich noch erheblich erweitert werden sollte – von grossem Interesse, denn zum einen spielt die Industriearchitektur eine zentrale Rolle in der Moderne, zum anderen stellte sie den Durchbruch der neuen Bauweisen (Stahlbau, Stahlbeton) auf breiter Basis dar und schuf damit die Grundlage für die Architektur der industriellen Gegenwart…

The exhibition launch took place at Técnico – University of Lisbon, during the IST Doctoral Week with the presence of Ana Tostões, docomomo International Chair, Andrea Canziani, António Bandeirinha, Horacio Torrent, Miles Glendinning and Timo Tuomi.

The website – – offers a selection of more than 3000 buildings and sites of the Modern Movement. This is a unique database for its geographic reach and number of works. In order to increase public awareness to the importance of this recent and devalued heritage, this virtual exhibition is also a tool to promote its study, interpretation and protection.

Based on a world map, the user can search any building or architect, discover essential data, filter information by keywords, find image galleries and videos. The buildings can be shared on major social networks or commented directly. The MoMove also functions as a mobile app (web) making it easy to use while traveling and visiting a proposed tour within a close area or topic of interest. We hope you enjoy the experience.

The docomomo virtual exhibition will be always in constant transformation, counting on everybody to keep it updated and accurate.