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Breslau/Polen: DOCOMOMO-Seminar zu Beton und Denkmalpflege anlässlich der Aussensanierung der Jahrhunderthalle

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10th International Docomomo Technology Seminar: Concrete Conservation Challenges

October 23–24, 2009

Museum of Architecture, Wroclaw, Poland

The Wroclaw Seminar will be held in conjunction with recent efforts to commence conservation of famous Centennial Hall by Max Berg (1913). As there are numerous challenges concerning the state of conservation of this iconic masterpiece, the aim of the seminar will be to generate an international forum for discussion of various approaches and conservation efforts which have been successfully carried out on reinforced concrete buildings.



October 23: Seminar

Concrete Conservation Challenges


with Hubert-Jan Henket | Ana Tostões | Jerzy Ilkosz | Renato Dzugaj | Hana Cervinková | Matthias Pfeifer | Iveta Cerna | Denis Zastavni | Ola Wedebrunn | Wessel de Jonge | Marieke Kuipers | Sergej Fedorov | Ivo Hammer | Ayako Horiuchi | Yamana Yoshiyuki | Kumagai


October 24: Tour

Revaluation of Wroclaw Modern Movement Buildings Selected buildings are outstanding examples of modern movement architecture, and present recent conservation efforts demonstrating the challenges involved.

Renoma Department Store (H. Dernburg, 1929) | Office Building (H. Poelzig, 1910-12) | Shopping Center ‘Kameleon’ (E. Mendelsohn, 1927-28) | House with Pharmacy ‘Pod Murzynem’ (A. Rading, 1925-28) | Market Hall (R. Plüdemann & H. Künster, 1906-08) | Building Complex on Grunwaldzki Square (J. Grabowska-Hawrylak, 1967) | WUWA Estate – Multi-family House (H. Scharoun, 1929) | Centennial Hall (H. Poelzig & M. Berg, 1913) | Film Producers Building (H. Poelzig, 1911-12


The seminar will be held in both English and Polish, with simultaneous interpretation provided. All lectures presented will be published in a special edition of the Docomomo series of technology dossiers. There will be no seminar fee, however each participant is expected to pay for their travel and accommodation.

For detailed information and registration form, please contact Jadwiga Urbanik:

Organizers and sponsors: Wroclaw University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Institute of History of Architecture, Arts and Technology | Wroclaw Museum of Architecture | Centennial Hall | Docomomo International Specialist Committee on Technology | Docomomo Poland

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